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Bakery goods have a relatively short shelf life, so it is important that the best before date is clearly and accurately applied to any bakery packaging. Breads, cakes and biscuits are all packed slightly differently, but ultimately are enclosed in a type of flexible packaging. Although this may seem a simple uniform approach, coding challenges remain as the code location and details vary for each item.Due to the large number of variations within a bakery production environment  and creals,

SAVEMA Thermal Transfer Printers offer high performance, low cost solutions and versatile enough for printing fixed and variable text, data and graphics. It is ideal for reproducing bar codes, real time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and much more information.


SVM 53 Continuous TTO on Bread Packaging Line in Sakarya
2 units SVM 53 Intermittent TTO working on Rice Packaging Line
SVM 53 Intermittent TTO working on Bean Packaging Line
SVM 53 Continuous TTO working on Bread Packaging Line in Bursa